Company Highlights

Cornerstone’s Carlin Vanadium Project Contains One of North America’s Largest Richest Primary Vanadium Deposits, located in Nevada (Source: USGC Professional Paper 1802)

Its West Jerome Project Targets a Large Scale High Grade Copper and Zinc Deposit in Arizona​

Advancing its intermediate-stage Vanadium Project During a Steady Vanadium Metal Price Boom​​

The Company’s Deep Board, Management and Technical Team’s Core Competence is in Exploration, Permitting, Development, Construction, and Operation of Mining Projects in the USA, Canada and Overseas​

​35.2 Million Shares

Cornerstone is listed on the:

  •           TSX.V: CCC ​
  •           US  OTCQB®: CCCCF ​
  •           Frankfurt:1PY ​​


Why Vanadium

A Highly Sought, Strategic Mineral Critical to Industries Ranging from Steel to Utility Scale Battery Storage Technology

The Mineral of Choice for Next Generation Battery Storage Technology and Renewable Energy Applications 

Vanadium's Advantages:

  • Used in Steel Manufacturing to Add Strength and Corrosion Resistance
  • One Third the Cost of Lithium Energy Storage and Batteries
  • Can Rapidly Release Large Amounts of Electricity
  • Great for Industrial Applications, Highly Scalable for Manufacturing
  • Vanadium Electrolyte is Reusable, Recyclable, and has a Battery Lifespan of 25+ Years
  • Non Flammable and Extremely Safe
  • Used in Power Grids to Substantially Improve Power Management

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